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Cancellation, reschedule and confirmation Policy.



Dear Dancers,


Due to the numbers of clients and heavy workload of the event’s schedule, we ask you to carefully read the cancellation, rescheduling and confirmation POLICY of our company. Our stylists works for you! Their number one priority is to make you shine on the dance floor! Our policy is in place in order to prevent all of us, dancers and stylists, from unexpected accidents, misunderstandings and stressful situations. 


 - Please make sure that you carefully check your heat list time before the event, and if you recognize any changes in the timetable regarding your first heat of the day, please notify us immediately.


- Please confirm your appointment's time as fast as possible after receiving your confirmation message.


- Before confirmation, please check the services that you booked. If you would like to add, change, or cancel any services, notify us before your final confirmation.


- In case you are thinking of keeping your hairstyle for two days (sleep with hairstyle overnight), please cancel your second day hairstyle appointment BEFORE your final confirmation of suggested time (cancellation fee may apply);


- Less than 24hours cancellation FEE will be charged for each canceled service (50% for each service);


- Please remember that we create a schedule regarding the final heat list of event in a simple rule - first dance - first serve! We respect each client and understand that each of our dancers are important, and their perfect look is a big portion of their success on the dance floor. Because of this, and the heavy workload of La Classique of Quebec 2023, we are not able to change the appointment times. You can make a request, but we can't promise anything and suggest you to stay in our schedule of booking;


- Please appreciate our and your time. Our stylists work hard and very often non-stop. Notify us immediately if you're late, or lost in the venue and we will try to help you as we can or will try to adjust the time of your appointments if it is possible;


- Please try to come in advance (15-5 min before your appointments) and be patient in case the stylist is running a bit late. Situations can be different. We will do everything to make sure you are ready in time for your heat and receive the best services! We are a team and we keep control of the situation!


By confirming the time of your appointments, you also agree with your booking (time, price, services) and cancellation, rescheduling and confirmation policy.


We hope that you enjoy our work together and your performance at the event!

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